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April/May 2021

Steve Swell - trombone
Mark Tokar - double bass
Klaus Kugel - drums

upcoming cd

For the People of the Opened Heart

SWELL/TOKAR/KUGEL improvises their performances. Today, with all types of gadgets stealing our attention and ourselves, SWELL/TOKAR/KUGEL will reconnect you and give you something your smart gizmo can’t. Their performances are stories of the imagination with a beginning, a middle and, occasionally, an end. Their stories are movies, poems and images of their life’s experiences, of their everyday humaneness of our collective desire to turn the lights on.

SWELL/TOKAR/KUGEL crushes the notion of what a bass, drum and trombone trio should sound like. Their instruments are extensions of themselves, expressing a singular originality unleashing unrestricted explorations which is the prime directive of the music to which they are dedicated.

Listen and allow the sounds and articulations of their abstractions greet your ears in a fresh and unbiased manner. This is the way to enjoy improvised music. This is the way to enjoy SWELL/TOKAR/KUGEL. They know improvisation is joy.

Steve Swell:
Klaus Kugel: